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Where the Future of Higher Corn Yields Take Root.

Imagine a day when U.S. corn growers consistently reach 300-plus bushel per acre yields. That day is coming, and Stine Seed Company is the force behind the genetics that will make it possible.

Corn growers and the agriculture trade media are buzzing about high-population (HP) corn, which represents the future of dramatically higher corn yields. History has shown that as plant populations increase, so does yield, and Trilix is helping Stine tell the story.

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An integrated communications campaign has resulted in articles in major ag publications like Successful Farming, Farm Journal, Farm Industry News, Brownfield Ag News, Iowa Farmer Today and more. Visitors to Stine’s trade show booth, designed by Trilix, are highly engaged, asking questions and discussing whether HP corn is a good fit for their fields.

As part of the sales campaign, Trilix managed the development of an HP corn microsite, including infographic videos, educational one sheets, demo plot signage, blog posts, e-newsletter articles, social media content and more.

Stine HP Corn Website
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“Stine HP Corn is capturing the imagination of U.S. corn growers.”

Stine HP Corn Signs

One of our favorite stories about how word is spreading about HP corn comes from a truck stop in eastern Iowa. A Stine employee was hauling a special six-row planter used to plant HP corn in 12-inch rows at demo plots around the country. As he was filling up with gas, a man came over and asked, “What’s that you’re hauling?” and the employee answered, “It’s a 12-inch row planter.” At that, the man exclaimed, “Oh, you must be from Stine!” Like so many others, he had read about Stine’s HP Corn in several trade publications and was eager to learn more.

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