Science Center of Iowa

Creating a Dynamic Science Experience.

Science Center of Iowa (SCI) came to Trilix wanting to refresh their web presence and rejuvenate their overall brand within the Iowa market.

To achieve these goals, the Trilix team outlined a strategic plan for immediate action. From that point on, SCI’s focus would shift to “education in a hands-on environment.” Using fun, scientific words and kid imagery, SCI implemented impactful banners, print ads and web and TV spots to reinforce their new overriding theme.

Science Center of Iowa Poster
Science Center of Iowa Poster
Science Center of Iowa Poster
Science Center of Iowa Logo

“Before Trilix, it took five years for Science Center of Iowa to sell five thousand online tickets. Afterward, it took five months.”

Our interactive team created a new site that was user friendly and appealed to a broad audience. Featuring a sophisticated space theme and rotating images of children and adults enjoying SCI’s exhibits, the site was visually striking and fully functional. SCI’s upcoming events were also accessible through the interactive calendar, and traveling exhibit information and ticket purchasing portals were utilized to drive online sales.

Science Center of Iowa Website

The results from the new theme and website were immediate. Brand awareness skyrocketed, and SCI’s attendance has followed suit. Since the implementation of the new campaign and materials, SCI’s new website has averaged 2,600 visitors per day, and the average visit time has more than doubled. These eye-catching results, combined with many new attractions and events make it clear that SCI has a bright future ahead.

Science Center of Iowa Website

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