Riverside Casino

Bringing Vegas to Iowa in 90 days.

The owners of what would become Riverside Casino came to Trilix with an empty building and a dream to build a high-class casino right here in Iowa. With only three months until the opening date, Trilix helped Riverside create an impactful brand that would stand out from the in-state competition and give them a lasting place in the casino market.

Riverside Ads
Riverside Websites

Through extensive research, Trilix discovered that people in Iowa wanted the Las Vegas casino experience without the hassle of actually traveling there. So we decided to bring Vegas closer to home. Riverside’s logo, tagline, messaging and look and feel for all elements were made to reflect the glitz and glamor of Sin City. Everything from poker chips, restaurant menus and signage to commercials, print advertisements and brochures were created to project a new, fun brand image.

Riverside Logos

“In the state of Iowa, a Vegas-inspired approach to branding transformed the casino landscape and permanently changed the game.”

Riverside Outdoor
Riverside Outdoor
Riverside Display
Riverside Display
Riverside Brochure

The casino opened to resounding acclaim. Customers wholeheartedly embraced the new Riverside Casino and its innovative Vegas-styled approach. And after seeing Riverside’s success, multiple Iowa-based casinos adopted similar Vegas-style approaches to their marketing.

Riverside Art
Riverside Art
Riverside Art

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