McWane, Inc.

Manufacturing marketing for an industry giant.

A longtime Trilix client and industry giant, McWane manufactures the pipe, valves, hydrants and fittings that make up North America’s water infrastructure. To meet their marketing needs, we work each day to create messaging that carries a consistent company ethos across McWane’s many company divisions.

When Trilix set out to overhaul McWane’s existing web presence, we knew that we would need to support the larger brand, while still retaining a sense of individuality amongst each of their smaller companies. Together, we worked with McWane to generate a sleek new look that could be applied consistently across each website, but with company-specific logos and colors. These stylistic advances were matched with content additions and functions. Smaller company sites now featured new add-ons like customized product lists, submittal sheets, price guides and more, while McWane gained the ability to push messaging and updates out from the central corporate page.

McWane Corporate
McWane Websites

“Trilix’s work elevated our online presence, creating a polished, professional resource that unites the McWane family of companies.”

— McWane, Inc.
McWane Ads
McWane Ads
McWane Ads

Trilix has also developed multiple integrated print campaigns over the course of our partnership. By putting a creative spin on traditional McWane values like durability and quality, we promote their brand presence while enhancing the company image. Looking at examples from McWane companies like Kennedy, M+H and Clow, you can see how spec content in many of McWane’s print ads and brochures is framed with themes that reflect the McWane brand in a new light.

McWane Brochure
McWane Brochures

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