Which Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Business?

With so many new social media platforms popping up seemingly overnight, the average business owner can easily be overwhelmed. Because so many are available for businesses to connect with their customers, utilizing them all would sacrifice efficiency. Below is a synopsis of the trendiest social media platforms to help you make an educated decision of whether to they would benefit your business:

Facebook: The world’s largest social media site allows you to create your own page and share posts containing photos, videos, basic company information, updates and even make brand announcements to those who “like” your page. Consumers and businesses can follow your page and see each time you add information (the optimal post length is less than 250 characters) or update your profile, creating an easily accessible way to reach a wide demographic.

Twitter: Provide real-time updates or commentary in 140 characters or less with pictures, videos and web links to those who have chosen to follow you. In recent years, Twitter has become the main vehicle by which many brands interact with their customers due to the immediate and concise manner of connecting. For a business looking to frequently connect on a one-on-one basis with their audience, Twitter can be a very beneficial way to do so.

LinkedIn: Connect with individuals and easily review their online resumes or create a page for potential employees to visit and browse your current employees. News articles or job openings may also be posted, which will appear in followers’ newsfeeds.

Instagram: Tell your company’s story through images and 15-second videos that display your creativity, mindset or even the tangible products you produce. Users can apply filters to pictures and videos to create a unique and eye-catching visual that can be shared with followers and displayed on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest: Ideal for connecting with a (primarily female) consumer audience on a more personal basis by providing links and images that portray the lifestyle your brand embodies. Followers can “pin” your items to reference later or can share your pins on their own social media pages to further spread brand awareness. Pinterest also provides analytics so businesses can gauge a post’s effectiveness.

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