When Pandora plays, people listen.

Here at Trilix, we’re always looking for new avenues that will help our clients connect with their consumers. One way that is particularly effective is Pandora Radio. Available for streaming on iPads, laptops, smartphones and desktop computers, Pandora gives advertisers access to the user wherever they choose to take their music. The internet radio service is also free from what some would argue are the overly-frequent commercial interruptions on traditional AM and FM stations. Over the course of an hour, Pandora listeners will only hear about four minutes of commercials, giving the ads a much larger impact.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Pandora from a marketing standpoint however, is its ability to target. Before listening to a single song, each user must first complete a detailed registration, giving Pandora their name, age, gender and location. This information gives advertisers the ability to put their brand in front of the people they need to see it. Want to target 18-to-24-year-old males living in Des Moines? Not a problem. 50-to-60-year-old women near Iowa City? Consider it done. Using gathered info, Pandora gives you the ability to connect with consumers more accurately than ever before. And, by counting the number of people who are signed in while your ad runs, Pandora can report how many users heard your audio ad or watched your video ad (both options are available). In May of 2014, there were 229,903 unique listeners active in the Greater Des Moines area alone. That’s 229,903 new opportunities to sell someone on your business.

Now, after reading all of that, you may think we’re telling you that traditional radio advertising is dead. We’re not. The fact is that AM and FM marketing is still an essential component in many great campaigns. And on the whole, there are many more people listening to traditional radio than those listening on the internet. What we are telling you is that for the right client, Pandora just might be a perfect fit.

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