Trilix Picks Our Favorite State Fair Foods

Today is the first of the best 11 days in Iowa. Why? The 2016 Iowa State Fair begins! To celebrate our great state’s fair, and longtime Trilix client, we asked the Trilix crew: What is your favorite State Fair food? In short, many enjoy the garlic cheese curds, beef sundaes and bucket of cookies. But, as much as we like those three staples, a variety of State Fair foods made the Trilix picks list:

Rachel — As the resident pickle lover of Trilix, my first pick would be the Pickle Dawgs. I also really like the beef sundae from the Beef Tent!

Alex H. — Corn dog. You can’t mess with a Fair original!

Jenna — I love the garlic cheese curds and the Greek gyros!

Austin — Garlic cheese curds are always a go-to, but the Crescenti’s sandwich is something made of dreams.

Megan — Turkey leg — I have to get one every year!

Abby — The garlic cheese curds with pizza dipping sauce are amazing. I also find myself with a hot beef sundae from time to time!

Yancy — Nut rolls, duh.

Alex R. — Easy: Corn dogs and mini donuts.

Courtney — The fresh-squeezed lemonade is tasty and refreshing!

Mike S. — The Craft Beer Tent. That’s food, right?!

Tucker — Real talk, Barksdale’s cookies in a cup are the best Fair food.

Jana — Cookies in a bucket!

Kerstin — I haven’t gone to the Fair without eating a turkey leg.

Dexter — The cookies in a bucket are easily the best Fair food.

Abe — The salt water taffy is a favorite of both mine and my dentist!

Haley — I like bringing my cookies in a bucket into the Craft Beer Tent.

Travis — The hot beef sundae.

Janelle — You can’t go to the State Fair and leave without eating cheese curds

Paul — The Craft Beer Tent.

Jason — Mini donuts and garlic cheese curds are a Fair must-have.

Ashley — Echoing the cheese curds and Pickle Dawg!

Kim — Another tally for cheese curds.

Janet — I really like the ribs from that one place that I can’t remember for the life of me. I also like the fried Oreos!

Tweet us your favorite State Fair foods @Trilix. We’ll see you at the Fair!

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