Trilix Picks 30 Must-Have Mobile Apps

How many apps are on your phone? According to Business 2 Community, smartphone users now spend 89 percent of their mobile media time using apps. The average user has 27 apps downloaded to their phone and spends an average of 30 hours and 50 minutes of time per month on these apps. This average time increased 21 percent from last year.

Apps are no longer just for entertainment. They make our lives easier by tracking health and fitness goals, pointing us to the nearest pizza joint, balancing our budgets, helping us find lost devices and much more. But with more than 1.5 million apps available for download (and counting), deciding which apps to choose can be a tedious task, and limiting them can be even more difficult. After all, no one likes receiving iPhone’s “storage almost full” notification. To save you time, the Trilix team created a list of 30 essential apps you should download today.

Food & Drink
Ron: New York Times Cooking App. It draws on the vast amount of recipes from their food section and puts them into an easy-to-use format. I’ve been using the categories “For Two” and “Weekend Project.” (If anyone knows where to find crushed Sichuan Pepper, let me know!)
Austin: Untappd. I use this app to network with other beer drinkers and figure out what I like. You can check in your beers, the location where you’re drinking and your beer ratings, in addition to uploading photos and checking in to Facebook and Twitter. As you check in more — both beers you’ve already had and new ones — you earn badges, which are basically “milestones” for your beer consumption (e.g., 100 different IPAs). It’s simple and user friendly, and I think it’s changing the way people shop for, order and critique beer.

Bumble App. As a marketing professional, sometimes it feels like I don’t have enough time in the day, and it’s kind of hard to meet someone that I don’t work with. That’s why I love Bumble — the feminist take to dating applications. While I like to think I’m the queen bee (get it), I still haven’t found the right worker bee. Between sips, I swipe left and right to find my match. I’m convinced I’ll be engaged and married within the next six months. We’ll see though.
Houzz. Home interior decorating inspiration!
Ashley: Zillow. I love house hunting on this app. It's fun to window shop houses, too!

Health & Fitness
7 Minute Workout Challenge (7 MWC)! It’s great for days when I don’t have time to get in a full workout. There are 12 exercises, each performed for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between each. The full workout is only seven total minutes and can be performed in your own home with only a chair (weights optional).
Paul: MyFitnessPal. This app keeps track of my calories — mostly beer.
Jenna: I like using the Fitbit app to track my activity. My friends and I do weekly challenges, such as the “Workweek Hustle” and the “Weekend Warrior,” to see who takes the most steps. You can cheer other people’s accomplishments or taunt them to get moving. A little friendly competition makes me be more active than I normally would be!


Uber. For obvious reasons.
Alyssa: Yelp. This is my go-to for remembering and finding restaurants close to me.


Venmo is a must have. I use it all the time to pay my friends (and have them pay me) for things I would normally have to get cash or write a check for. The money comes out of your bank account and can then be transferred to the other person’s account for free — all mobile and very easy!
Abby B.: Mobile banking apps. Specifically for making deposits. There’s no longer a need to go to the bank to deposit checks. So much easier!


Abby L.:
TwoDots! Dots is fun, too. The games are fun, updated regularly and look pretty good on my phone screen! 
Jamie: Exploding Kittens. It was originally a card game designed by Matthew Inman, a web comic who is a favorite to many. The game follows similar mechanics to UNO, except everything is a cat and some cats are bombs. What more can you want?

Amazon. The fact that I can order something from a pencil to a toilet, while receiving free shipping with Prime, is CRAZY! I have used this app to buy things while on vacation, and when I’ve returned home, my items were waiting for me. The only problem is when you have one-click shopping turned on and your toddler likes to get click happy! #addicted
Tucker: Cartwheel — Target. I know what I’m saving before I even go shopping.
Dallas: Casey’s General Stores app. Because who doesn’t love Casey’s pizza?

Dexter: I find the Amazon Photo app nice. It links with your Amazon Prime cloud drive and offers unlimited photo storage. The auto upload is fantastic since I’m constantly snapping pictures of my 11-month-old.

Social Networking
Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I’m addicted to social media
Abby B.: Pinterest. I enjoy finding new recipes and decorating ideas for our new house.

Michael S.:
Goodreads. I use it to see what my friends are reading, challenge myself to read more and find reviews and recommendations of books I should read.

Cozi. My family uses this family calendar app for school, band and sports activities and for scheduling our evening plans!
Courtney: Clue. This app tracks your menstrual cycle so you can be more tuned in to your body. Yep, there’s an app for that!

SecureSafe. It keeps all my passwords safe and tucked away with me all the time.
Jana: DocScanner. It takes a picture of a business card and loads it into my contact list automatically.

Spotify. So I can bump tunes all day long.

Megan: theSkimm. I’m a news junkie, and it helps me stay current with what’s going on in the world. (Thanks to Haley for the recommendation on this one!)

Happy downloading!

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