Trilix Open House Set For Oct. 2

Downtown Des Moines so graciously welcomed us into its confines just over four months ago, and soon it will be time for us to do the same for the public.

This year's Trilix Open House, our first since 2012 in the old Johnston abode, is officially set for Thursday, October 2. We will usher in both our regular clientele and the purely curious passerby for a evening of food and festivities, as well as a chance to roam our new digs that locals once knew (and may still know!) as the All Play entertainment center.

In addition to touring the new offices, guests will be able to pair delicious food with local craft beers as they meander through the different departments. With each department at Trilix comes a unique personality, and we plan to let those personalities shine through in each brew (our project managers swear they would be best suited by something smooth and delicious, but maybe we'll leave that to a vote).

So, spend an evening with us on Oct. 2. We'll throw the doors open at 3:30 p.m. and allow the public to finally get a glimpse of what Trilix is really all about.

Trilix is a fully integrated marketing agency

  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Media Placement
  • Website Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • App Development

We create uncommon results by building brands on a personal level. If you’d like to know more, we’re here. Just ask.

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