Trilix Interactive Department Opens New Page with Web Developer Derick Hutchins

Arriving straight from Seattle, the latest addition to the Trilix interactive team brings a template for online success. Meet former West coaster and current Web Developer Derick Hutchins. A 2012 graduate from the University of Iowa, Derick comes to Trilix from the Seattle-based company Fidelity and LCD Entertainment where he spent his days as their web developer. Here at Trilix, he holds the same position and looks forward to continuing with the technology aspects of web and software development.

When he’s not living his dream in front of a computer screen, Derick likes to stay active. He’s a self-proclaimed music lover (Led Zeppelin in particular) and can often be found spending weekends playing games with friends or hitting the slopes to snowboard.

Here’s what Derick had to say about everything from food to his fro.

What’s your favorite food?
I could probably eat peanut butter for a month. And I probably have come close at some point in time.

Are you a cat or a dog person?
Well, I’m allergic to cats, which narrows down my choice. I currently have a seven-month-old rat terrier/Australian shepherd named Lola.

Your afro is great. Have you always worn your hair like that?
I used to straighten my hair. It didn’t work out.

Two movies to watch for the rest of your life. Go.
I would go with Super Troopers and Beer Fest as two of my favorite movies to re-watch.

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