Trilix Holiday Party Brings Friendly Competition

This past weekend, we celebrated another great year at our annual holiday party. This year’s festivities were held at the Iowa Hall of Pride, one of our clients. The venue provided a perfect mix of fun and competition —  with many of us trying our luck in simulated basketball, football and bowling games. We also learned we should stick to our day jobs.

Multiple sources said the food was the best it’s ever been, and the drinks were plentiful. Abby, who spent a good portion of the night photobombing everyone in the photobooth, won this year’s lampshade award. If you don’t know what this esteemed honor is, ask your favorite Trilix employee.

After the event commenced, a few party animals continued the party at our neighborhood favorite, Buzzard Billy’s. The after party was pretty tame for the most part, but don’t ever let Todd buy you a jambalaya shot. If you’re wondering what a jambalaya shot it, consider yourself lucky you don’t know.

Happy holidays from all of us at Trilix. Here’s to another great year of fun and hard work!

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