Trilix Holds Annual Fall Food Day/Halloween Party

Trilix Holds Annual Fall Food Day/Halloween Party

On Friday, October 30, Trilix celebrated Halloween the only way we know how: with food and company bonding! The month of October flew by, but not before we had time to celebrate fall with our annual Fall Food Day and Halloween party!

We were able to spend part of the afternoon bonding with our departments for friendly competition, crazy costumes and good food. Some of the highlights of the day were Ron’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches, Yancy’s spiked apple cider and group costumes like the “Survivor” cast, “Shark Week” and “Abe’s Babes.”

New for this year was a pumpkin carving contest. Each of Trilix’s six departments received one pumpkin, access to paint, stencils and carving tools, and one hour to create the best jack-o’-lantern they could. The results ranged from pumpkins matching department costumes (a shark for the accounts team, an island theme for media, Pumpkin Abe from business management), pumpkins that dispensed wine and more! Chosen by our neighbors at Buzzard Billy’s, the creative team was crowned the victor with their “I’d Tap That” pumpkin that dispensed wine from its spout.

Our mouths are already salivating thinking about next year’s good food!

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