Trilix Helps Send Belize Kids to School

At Trilix, we support a variety of non profits and foundations that have missions we feel are important. One of which is the James Arthur Albert Foundation.

In the Central American country of Belize, thousands of impoverished children share a dream: they want to go to school. That’s where the James Arthur Albert Foundation comes in. The foundation provides scholarships for books, shoes, fees, etc., to children in Belize who could not afford to go to school without this help. On top of financial support for students, the foundation also builds schools in the area.

Alane, age 15, from Punta Gorda Town is a past scholarship recipient and says, “I thank God for this scholarship. My mother sometimes struggles to find something to place in my stomach. I would not have an education without this scholarship. I will never give up, and I aim for the sky. My dream is to study law and become a lawyer.”

Trilix President Todd Senne serves on the James Arthur Albert Foundation board and helped plan their annual Books & Bricks for Belize silent auction this year, which took place at the Stine Barn in West Des Moines on June 23. During the auction, Trilix was presented with the 2016 Foundation Business Sponsor of the Year award.

The Foundation’s auction goal was to raise enough money to send another 200 students to school ($200 sends one student to school for an entire year). One hundred percent of the event proceeds went toward the Foundation.

We truly believe education is the best way out of poverty and are thrilled to help out such a great foundation. We look forward to our continued work with them in the future. If you are interested in learning more or donating to this great cause, please visit their website.

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