Trilix Fair Favorites

When it comes to the Iowa State Fair, we all have our favorite things to see and do! Deep-fried food, giant animals, eclectic people and thrilling rides all come together to form one unforgettable summer experience. To celebrate Iowa’s proudest tradition, we went around the office and asked three people from each department to tell us what makes the Fair special to them.

Alex — I love me some corn dogs.
Jason — Mini donuts are the best. I can fit so many in my mouth!
Ashley — Hootin and hollerin at grandstand concerts is by far the best part of the Fair.

Business Management:
Annette — You’ve got to see the big boar.
Carole — Anything on a stick is alright by me.
Ron— If you’re not people watching, you’re missing out.

Megan — I love long rides in the dark on Ye Old Mill. It’s so romantic.
Lindsey — Nothing beats the Giant Slide! Woooooh!
Kristin — I’m crazy about the Percheron horses. They’re beautiful.

Dexter — The sand sculptures are incredible.
Jamie — I always pucker up for some chicken lips.
Yancy — Rain or shine, you can find me at the Iowa Craft Beer Tent.

Abby — It’s not a fair unless you get a Fair Square!
Kerstin — I love looking down at people from the Sky Glider.
Chad — If you like art, then you’ve got to see the photography exhibit.

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