Trilix Employees Pick Tournament Champs

Sunday selections were made, and the tournament has begun! With the Des Moines games and all their madness in full view of our office (and games in other regions on our Tvs), the Trilix crew definitely agrees on one thing — we are excited to be part of the action! There is one thing, however, that is causing quite a few disagreements around the office. Who’s going to win the tournament? While Kansas and Michigan State are strong favorites to win the championship, some selections might surprise you.

Travis — Michigan State
Kerstin — Texas A&M
Haley — Kansas
Jenna — Kansas
Abby B. — North Carolina
Megan — Oklahoma
Robin — Kansas
Jason — North Carolina
Nate — Michigan State
Alex — Oklahoma
Josh — Kansas
Kristin — Kansas
Tucker — Austin Peay
Mike S. — Michigan State
Jamie — Michigan State
Ashley — Kansas
Yancy — Oklahoma
Brent — Kansas
Alyssa — Michigan State. As a very passionate fan, Alyssa also says this about the Spartans: “Michigan State has been on a mission since last season’s loss in the Final Four. Denzel Valentine is the best player in the nation, and Tom Izzo is Mr. March. The Spartans have shooters, big men and gritty defense. I would love to see them cut down the nets!"

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