Trilix Designs Label for Templeton Rye 10th Anniversary Special Reserve

Trilix is a proud partner of Iowa’s favorite whiskey, Templeton Rye. During our partnership we’ve helped them build a website, connect with fans on social media and market themselves to a growing network of Bootleggers across the country. We love working with The Good Stuff, so naturally we were thrilled when they approached us about creating a label for the new Templeton Rye 10th Anniversary Special Reserve bottle. For Trilix VP of Creative, Brent Wirth, this was a passion project. He designed the original Templeton Rye bottle label more than a decade ago and this represented an opportunity to bring his vision full circle. To help Brent create and launch the 10 Year bottle, several Trilix departments played a unique role. Interactive experts Jeremy Koppin and Dexter Jacobs built an anniversary splash page for the Templeton Rye website and created custom emails to send out to the mailing list. Writer, Tucker Vasey crafted a moving story for the back label and worked with our communications specialist Megan Townsend to connect with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers to promote the launch. After months creative brainstorming and hard work, the end result was a bottle that the people of Templeton, Iowa, can be proud to call their own. So next time you’re at the grocery store, keep an eye open for a little piece of Trilix on a nearby shelf.

Cheers to everyone on our team who played a role in this project and to Templeton Rye for allowing us to help write the next chapter of the Templeton Rye story.

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