Trilix Celebrates Twitter's 10th Birthday With Our First Tweets

On March 21, 2006, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey (@jack) sent out the first tweet: “Just setting up my twttr.” In the past 10 years, Twitter has taught us all how to #hashtag, @reply, “slide into your DMs” and retweet your favorite posts. To celebrate Twitter’s birthday, we dug up some of the Trilix crew’s first tweets. Here’s what was on our minds when we first joined Twitter, in chronological order.

Paul Burger (@Paul_Burger) October 29, 2008: “Trying on my new leather.”
Early adopters tweeting ambiguous tweets was apparently all the rage in late 2008.

Todd Senne (@TSenne) February 23, 2009: “now that I have followers “burger” I guess I’ll make my first post.”
Todd wasn’t sure how to @ message someone, yet. Sorry, @Paul_Burger.

Megan Townsend (@megtowns) April 13, 2009: “cant believe i caved and got a twitter…ridiculous”
Seven years later, Megan is our communications specialist and loves Twitter.

Brett Adams (@Adams_Brett) September 5, 2009 (3:34 a.m.): “It is officially Gameday! Off to Kinnick — Go Hawks!”
If you were ever unsure where Brett’s team loyalties lie, don’t be. Even in the wee hours of the morning, he’s cheering for the Hawks!

Austin Narber (@AustinNarber) December 26, 2009: “Sitting in my hotel room at Honey Creek Resort, watching football and waiting to go to dinner”
To think, in just a few short years, our very own Austin Narber has amassed over 2,000 followers, many of which we assume came from this original tweet.

Haley Austin (@hotstreakhaley) April 5, 2010: “@immegdawes loveee it!”
Haley went right for it, replying to a follower as her first tweet. (We’re told Haley has a picture documenting her first tweet.)

Tucker Vasey (@TuckerVasey) September 16, 2010: “Twitter 101 Intro to Tweeting”
At least we know Tucker has always been sassy and thoughtful with words.

Travis Ziemke (@TZiemke) December 12, 2010: “think I might go out in the snow so I have something else to complain about besides studying alllllll day….”
If you’ve never complained on Twitter, do you even know how to Tweet?

Alyssa Marschner (@AlyssaMarschner) January 18, 2011: “this is my first tweet! Thanks car car”
Peer pressure is a bad thing, but sometimes it’s okay.

Jenna Marzen (@jmarzn) January 15, 2012: “Goodbye Facebook, Hello Twitter!”
Jenna hasn’t tweeted since 2014, but she gave it a great go for those two years!

Kristin Peterson (@KristinApril93) August 22, 2012: “learning to use a twitter… here goes nothing #JLMC201”
This tweet proves that your first year journalism and mass communications courses do teach you helpful lessons!

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