Tips for Growing Your LinkedIn Company Page Following

LinkedIn company pages can help businesses build high-value relationships by attracting followers that really care about your content. Followers engage with your updates and share your content within their own networks, earning your company a greater reach. However, learning how to leverage the power of LinkedIn can be tricky and time consuming for businesses. Communications Specialist Megan Townsend offers these eight tips to help you grow your LinkedIn company page.

1. Promote your LinkedIn company page on other company social media sites.
Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to let followers know you’re active on LinkedIn. If they are already engaged and interested in what you’re posting on your other social platforms, they will more than likely be interested in hearing what you have to say on LinkedIn. This is something you can promote on your other platforms routinely, so in case your followers miss your posted content, they receive a regular reminder.

2. Deliver consistent content.
Posting consistent content to your LinkedIn page is one of the most important things you can do for your brand. You do not want your followers to see your page dwindle or go unresponsive for a large duration of time. Post at least once or twice per week so your followers keep your brand top of mind.

3. Engage company employees.
Are your employees sharing your content? If not, they should. Your current workforce is the best place to find people who care about your content. The more employees who share your posts, the more reach you get, so encourage them to share. Another idea is to have employees include a link to the company LinkedIn page in their email signatures.

4. Join and contribute to LinkedIn groups.
Groups are very popular on LinkedIn (there are currently over one million). They are also a very effective way to get your company name out there and help attract more followers. Search for groups that are related to your industry, join them and then launch your own discussions or contribute to other popular discussions within the group.

5. Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages.
LinkedIn Showcase pages can help you highlight different departments, product categories or company initiatives. These pages work alongside LinkedIn pages, providing more opportunities to grow your brand and engage with your followers. If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn Showcase pages, visit this link:

6. Share job postings.
LinkedIn is the go-to social platform for industry professionals, so share popular company job postings on your LinkedIn page to attract more page followers and views. Create a call-to-action in these posts, such as “click here” or “apply now.”

7. Sponsor your best content to reach more people.
If you want to extend the reach and impressions of a post, spend a small amount of money to sponsor it. This will spread your post to targeted people not currently following your page. Pushing content out to your followers is great, but to grow your page, you need new leads.

8. Analyze past posts to improve future content.
Every month, check analytics to see how each of your posts are performing. How many people see your posts? How many likes and comments do you receive? Are your posts being shared? This will help you decide which posts are doing well and what people want to see more of in the future. Always listen to your followers! After all, they are your biggest brand advocates.

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