Team Trilix Celebrates Birthdays (And So Much More)

At Trilix, we celebrate everything — from client successes to Halloween to birthdays. And boy, do we love birthdays. A person’s birthday is a chance to celebrate everything we appreciate and admire about them — whether that’s a tremendous work ethic, corny sense of humor or propensity for keeping the office keg stocked with Coors Light — and we never miss an opportunity to make each employee feel special and valued. We work hard so we can play hard. We put our heads down and do the work, and then celebrate each member of the team for a job well done and another excellent year.

To celebrate the birthdays of Trilix owners Ron Maahs and Todd Senne, the Funmittee threw their annual birthday bash at UpDown in Des Moines’ East Village. Surrounded by more than 40 arcade games from the ‘80s and ‘90s, pinball machines, Nintendo and Sega console gaming and life-size Jenga and Connect Four, the Trilix team tested their Pac-Man and Donkey Kong chops, and anyone who lost a Jenga game was graciously invited to take a Fireball shot. Team Trilix had a ball competing and toasting Ron and Todd on a fantastic year.

It’s not often you find an office where the newest employees are spotted having a drink or discussing career goals with the CEO and president of the company they just joined — but at Trilix, that transparency and approachability is a reality.

Here’s to another great year, Ron and Todd. Thank you for making Trilix an incredible place to work filled with remarkable people to work with. Cheers!

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