Sweet (Second) Home, Alabama

We’ve got some news!

Trilix is opening a new office in Birmingham, Alabama. This expansion aligns with our long-term strategy to provide customers regional and national service. Our offices will be referred to by their location: Trilix Birmingham and Trilix Des Moines.

“We opened our office in Birmingham for two simple reasons,” said Trilix CEO Ron Maahs. “We saw a great opportunity to expand in a rapidly growing creative community, and it allows us to better serve a client based there.”

Change has always been a central theme to Trilix’s story. As a fully integrated marketing agency, our goal has been to change the way clients achieve success by pushing the envelope when it comes to what people expect from a marketing campaign. In the process, we’ve responded by adapting to the market and our clients’ needs. In 2017, increasing our staff by more than 20 percent led to expanding the downtown Des Moines office space by the same amount. This reflects our rapid increase in clients, projects and opportunities. Positions were added in Trilix video, creative, account services and PR/communications departments — our video team grew from three to seven and our PR/communications department grew from five to eight. And it isn’t stopping here.

“We’re thrilled to expand to Birmingham — the timing is right,” said Trilix President Todd Senne. “As we’ve outgrown our offices in Des Moines, the time has come to expand our offices both in downtown Des Moines and outside of the market. With pre-existing client relationships in the area, industries we have expertise in and a very vibrant tech community, Birmingham is the perfect fit.”

New employees and a larger office space in downtown Des Moines will mean continued opportunities and work capabilities. With long-standing client relationships in the southern region, this new chapter for Trilix makes sense. Trilix Birmingham opened its doors in late 2017 along the downtown Birmingham strip and will allow us to continue providing the best services to clients in the region.

“Trilix’s expansion to Birmingham is beneficial for the Des Moines market,” said Trilix CMO Brett Adams. “We’ll be able to bring people in from other regions and backgrounds to grow our capabilities and serve an ever-changing market. Work will flow between both offices — it’s not a separate entity, but an extension of our Des Moines base. With a strong, diverse client roster of regional, national and international companies, the growth announced today is only the beginning.”

Trilix is a fully integrated marketing agency

  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Media Placement
  • Website Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • App Development

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