Super Sunday Summary

A new champion has been crowned! Congrats to Peyton Manning and Denver on their historic victory over Carolina. The game was close for most of the way, but in the end, Denver’s league-leading defense proved to be the difference

While most of you were watching the Panthers and the Broncos, our eyes were on a different team: the Trilix Super Panel. We invited a group of well-known Des Moines area business leaders, sports personalities and marketing experts to share their take on the game-day action. From big plays to multi-million dollar commercials, these superstars shared their reactions and ad-pinions with us all night long. We hope you followed the action on twitter with #TrilixSuperPoll, but in case you didn’t, we compiled their responses on our Super Poll website,

Our favorite part about the big game, aside from being with friends and consuming copious amounts of food, was the ads. Here are the ads by the numbers:

86,000 — Tweets about Mountain Dew’s #PuppyMonkeyBaby in the four hours after it aired

95 — Ads in the entire game

75 — Percent of ads that were available online before the game

29 — Ads for CBS programs

26 — Humorous ads

24 — Ads featuring celebrities (3 included Jeff Goldblum)

23 — Ads in the fourth quarter

20 — Ads in the second quarter

18 — Ads in the third quarter

11 — Automobile ads

6 — Movie ads

5 — Beer ads

4 — Pharmaceutical ads

2 — Ads for stomach ailments

1 — Appearance by Anheuser-Busch’s famed Clydesdales

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