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Trilix’s designers are the creative visionaries behind a myriad of unique brands across the country. Their work can be seen on billboards, digital ads, magazines and more. From initial inspiration to final layout, we asked several of our designers to talk to us about the four basic principles of design. This is what they had to say.

Inspiration — Abby

As designers, almost everything we see, hear and feel can be a source of inspiration. Design, art, architecture, fashion, nature, history and travel can spark creativity and challenge us to think in different ways. It's then important for us to reflect on our inspirations and use them to better our designs and ourselves.

Color — Kerstin

Color is huge in every sense of the word. I believe we all have an innate sense of color; from the clothes we wear, our cars or the color we paint our walls at home, we all try to express ourselves with colors we feel represent us, and that is a fascinating thing. I work with color every day in design trying to dissect the mood and emotion a color can bring to a project. Trusting my gut and immediate reaction to a color is the most authentic approach in knowing if it is right for that particular project.

Typography — Angel

Typography is something that you see every day, and — though most people don’t put much thought into it — there’s a lot that goes into it that contributes to the success of a design. Which font you select is important for setting the tone, but typography as a whole is so much more than that. Adjustments like tracking, kerning, leading, size, hierarchy and alignment all affect the readability and help provide structure and logical flow of information — in addition to making it visually appealing.

Layout— Chad

Layout is the culmination of all the design elements and principles being realized on a page or screen. It brings to fruition the concept needed to communicate a subject's particular need — selling, informing, persuading, etc. — clearly and effectively. When I’m done with a layout, I need it to communicate. I need it to say something.

Every day, each of our designers utilizes these principles to build work that is visually appealing and undeniably effective. With eye for strategy and style, they set a creative standard that holds strong across a wide range of media. No matter the size of the project or the client, Trilix’s design team works to creates success for our clients.

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