Social Media Update — September 2016

Social media is an ever-changing space, as we discussed this May in another Trilix Journal post. In the last few weeks, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have proved they will continue to evolve their platforms to offer what users want. Have you ever tried to zoom in on Instagram? Yeah, we’ve all done it. Now you can zoom, although, according to a recent Twitter poll, most of our followers use “zoom” sparingly or not at all. This and more new social media updates below.

Facebook is a social media giant. Yes, other platforms came before it (RIP MySpace, Xanga, Friendster, etc.), but Facebook launched social media use. There’s no secret that Snapchat has some pretty incredible things going for them and has quickly become a big player for social media. Geofilters, Lenses and Chat have revolutionized the platform, giving it a cult-like following. Shortly after Snapchat Lenses took off, Facebook purchased MSQRD, an application that “allows users to record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite social networks.” It is still to be determined what Facebook has up their sleeve after acquiring MSQRD but, if our intuition is correct, MSQRD integrations on Instagram Stories may be in the pipeline.

Speaking of Instagram, have you used the stories feature? We’ve dabbled in it, but have noticed that most people use the Instagram Story feature to promote their Snapchat accounts and Instagram noticed. They recently released more updates to Stories by allowing users to add text colors.This is something Snapchat has allowed users to do for a very long time. It’ll be interesting to see what the next few weeks or months do for updates to Instagram Stories.

Getting Chatty With It
When iOS 10 was released shortly after the unveiling of iPhone 7, users noticed big changes to iMessage: the option to react to messages from your friends. Don’t think your “LOL!” or “haha” is enough to show your friend you enjoyed their message? Press and hold on their message and select “haha.” Apple seems to have taken a page out of Facebook’s playbook and integrated social in an already social space: text messages.

iMessage wasn’t the only platform getting chattier. Twitter and Instagram have recently updated their direct messaging platforms and now allow users to chat with multiple users, leave conversations, name your group and add people. We’ve seen people use these new features personally to cut down on tagging friends in memes, re-sharing posts, etc.

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