SCI's 2nd Annual Flamboyance of Flamingos Event

Earlier this week, Trilix employees took their creativity to the next level at the Science Center’s 2nd Annual Flamboyance of Flamingos event. What is “Flam Flam” you ask? It is a flamingo croquet event, of course!

To recognize Trilix’s partnership with the Science Center of Iowa, both companies were tasked with decorating pink flamingos prior to the event. Though it was hard to top last year’s “Flamingazilla,” a set of flamingos disguised as butterflies took the gold, a flamingo dressed as Benjamin Franklin took the silver and a hilarious Donald Trump flamingo took the bronze. Once judging concluded, the competition endured as attendees hit the field for a round of croquet.

In addition to flamingo croquet, the SCI staff graciously provided pulled pork sandwiches and craft brews, which served as the perfect cure for a Monday afternoon.

A huge “thank you” to the SCI team for hosting an event full of laughter, and the opportunity to grow our relationship with such an outstanding client.

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