Santa Claus is Coming to Trilix

With the holidays upon us, we’re getting in to the spirit of things here at Trilix. The creative team has decorated the office with festive décor and lighting, our wonderful partners and friends have been sending goodies our way, and last week Santa Claus paid us a visit. Some employees even took the time to sit on his lap and find out if they are on the naughty or nice list this year. Here’s a list of the gifts we asked him for:

Austin — For someone else to make the down payment on my house for me
Ashley — A set of kayaks for the lake this summer
Megan — A winning lotto ticket
Abby — A healthy family and a tropical vacation (I hope my husband is reading this.)
Han — A truckload of Lindt chocolate truffles
Kristin — A week’s vacation at a mountain lodge
Alex — I want another great year working for this wonderful company!
Robin — I want all the snow to hold off from falling until Christmas day so I can travel home safely.
Paul — A cure for cancer
Janelle — A healthy 2015
Courtney — A trip to Mexico
Jenna — A new wardrobe
Lathrop — Disney Infinity Marvel figures, so my girls and I can get our hero on
Jason — To make it on the nice list for one year!
Alyssa — I’m asking Santa for my future husband…or a new scarf.
Tucker — A Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle
Travis — A Cubs World Series Championship

Happy holidays from the Trilix team!

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