Our Quirky Turkey Day Favorites

We all have our favorite ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. From favorite foods to special traditions, each family celebrates differently. But one thing that all of us at Trilix agree on is that the day is best spent celebrating with friends and family and being thankful for what we have.

In the past, Trilix has brought you lists of our favorite foods, what we’re thankful for and even a Thanksgiving poem. This year we’re putting a spin on things and telling you all about our weird Thanksgiving traditions and the strange foods we eat. You just might find your newest (or least) favorite festive dish or tradition this holiday.

Haley — I make my mom get me a rotisserie chicken in place of turkey. If we happen to be at a relative’s home for Thanksgiving, I will not eat the turkey unless everyone around me calls it chicken.

Megan — My family makes a corn casserole, which we refer to as “corn crap.” As you can imagine, it doesn’t look the best, but it actually tastes really good, and it’s easy to make. Essentially it’s just creamed corn, an egg, milk and crushed saltines thrown together and baked in the oven.

Abby — Spaghetti corn — It’s a lot better than it sounds! It’s a combination of spaghetti noodles, creamed corn, jalapeños, butter, and lots and lots of cheese! This isn’t the exact recipe we use, but it’s a different variation of it. http://www.food.com/recipe/cheesy-spaghetti-corn-casserole-145941

Lindsey —
Call it weird, but my family either does steaks or prime rib instead of turkey. Turkey is always dried out and gross!

Paul — In the leftovers category: I’ve witnessed my dad on several occasions eat leftover turkey as a topping on vanilla ice cream.

Alex R. — Beer bread.

Peter  — Last year and this year I am having a steaks-giving instead of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Kristin — We do not eat anything nontraditional, but I will say we have had some weird experiences. One year, my brother’s friend ended up missing his connecting flight and joined us for Thanksgiving. My cousin bet him he would not drink a gravy boat. Eventually my cousins and uncle began adding money to the bet, and he drank the entire gravy boat. Needless to say, my aunt and grandmother were appalled, but it made for a pretty interesting Thanksgiving.

Brent — Jellied cranberry sauce. I have not had it for years now, but it’s an old favorite — right out of the can and sliced.

Tyler F.  — My family makes Lefse every year, which is a Norwegian food most easily described as a potato-based tortilla. I think traditionally it’s eaten with cinnamon sugar and butter, though my family eats it as part of the main meal rather than dessert. It’s not the most exciting dish in the world, but we always have a good time getting together and making it the day before the holiday.

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