New Year, New Us

If the phrase “New Year, New You” motivates you to change something about your day-to-day life, you’re not alone. We polled the team at Trilix to see what some of us hope to change in the new year. The usual “this is the year I’m finally going to use the gym reimbursement program” was popular, but others may surprise you. Take a look at our 2017 New Year’s resolutions!

Yancy is hands-down the best baker in our office but he’s taking his talents to a different science in 2017. He wants to learn how to make fancy cocktails, bake bread from sourdough and make his own bitters. From all of us at Trilix, please let us be your testers.

Instead of repeatedly hitting snooze every morning, Abby’s goal is to actually make it to the gym before work.

Kim Kardashian has a book of selfies, and Courtney wants a book deal next. In 2017, she will take a decent selfie instead of one with four chins.

If you’ve ever looked at Austin’s Twitter account, you’d notice he’s quite gifted at writing in 140-characters. In 2017, he hopes to write something that gets published.

As a member of 2016’s Fitmittee, Megan’s resolution may seem pretty generic, but she’s on track to hit her goal of making it to the gym at least four times per week.

Abe plans to heed by his father’s advice — “Live each day to the fullest. Get the most out of each hour, each day and each year of your life.”

Aside from getting #gains this new year, Danielle plans to focus on getting in a good skin care routine.

If you’re looking to get “swole” in 2017, Jason is your go-to guy for a workout. However, be careful! He may make you go rock climbing with him.

Tucker is finally going to put down those tasty treats and sign up for exercise classes.

Favoring one bad habit for another, Haley hopes to stop biting her nails in favor of bi-monthly trips to the nail salon. Wish her wallet luck!

Not too worried about hitting the gym or getting in a new routine? Neither is Michael S. He’s focused on not spending too much time wearing pants. To which we say, there is a dress code at Trilix. While often times lenient, pants are required.

Travis looks forward to being the motivation behind everyone’s New Year’s resolutions in 2017, as he believes he’s already peaked post-wedding.

What’s your resolution? Tweet us at @Trilix to let us know what goals you hope to conquer in 2017.

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