Mittee Members Weigh In on 2016

As 2015 winds down, we’d like to take a moment to thank everybody involved in last year’s Mittees. Each Trilix “Mittee” serves a purpose: keep us active, make sure we have fun and, of course, keep us “hydrated.” Between offering events for employees to participate in, such as Fight for Air Climb, planning the summer Patio Tours and picking out what beer will be offered for Friday beer:30, the members of each Mittee put a lot of hard work into their position, and we appreciate their efforts.

We asked a few new members of each Mittee what they were most excited for the upcoming year. See their responses below:


Kristin: Trilix has made my transition from college to my career easy and fun — I’m excited to pay it forward and make the next year a lot of fun for everyone!

Lindsey: I joined the FunMittee to make sure Trilix employees do what they do best — HAVE FUN! I’m looking forward to continuing past FunMittee traditions while bringing new ideas into the mix for 2016.

Haley: I’m excited to start planning the summer patio tours because who doesn’t like being outdoors and enjoying a drink on a patio?!


Jason: I really enjoy trying new brews. Beer has become a great conversation starter that helps bring people together. If I can help someone appreciate a new beer that they haven’t tried before, I would consider that a success.

Michael S.: What better way to try new brews than by picking them out myself? In all seriousness, I’m excited to bring some new and different drink options to the fridge and keg for Friday beer:30.


Kim: I’ve made resolutions to become healthy for the past gazillion years. Every year I fail. My hope is that being on the FitMittee for 2016 will give me the motivation I need to stick with my resolutions and inspire others at the same time.

Megan: I’m excited to be on the FitMittee because staying healthy and active is important to me, and something that I think everyone should make time for. In 2016 I’m hoping to implement a few programs for employees to make health a priority, even at work. I also am excited to pick out healthy snack and drink options for people to munch on when they need the fuel to get through the day.

Nate: I’d love to be able to provide co-workers with the opportunity to get involved in local Des Moines sports leagues, organize Trilix “Fit Day/Week” events, Fun Runs and healthy snacking options. I have a lot of ideas — I’m excited to get started!

We are looking forward to a great year full of fun events, healthy options and the occasional brew!

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