Meet the Fun Police

At Trilix, we don’t fit the typical mold. We want to ensure that our office takes time for fun regardless of how busy everyone is, so in the fall of 2013, we created the Fun-Mittee.

Every two to three weeks, the Fun-Mittee meets to brainstorm employee benefits and activities for the coming months. To date, the Fun-Mittee has planned activities such as Trilix food days, a holiday white elephant gift exchange, the annual soup cook-off, an Iowa vs. Iowa State tailgate, an afternoon at an Iowa Cubs game and more. The group has been coordinating the 2014 Holiday Party, which is scheduled for the first Friday in December. The Fun-Mittee also continuously explores additional benefits the company might be able to offer employees that would enhance the experience of working for Trilix.

Currently, the Fun-Mittee consists of Kristin, Alex, Angel and Jason, but the goal is to switch up the members each year to give others the opportunity to join in on the fun and to represent each department in the office.

While the Fun-Mittee might sound like just fun and games, the group works hard to put together and manage these activities, all while staying within budget. Who knew having fun was so much work?

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