Meet the Creatives

Like a squad of superheroes, the Trilix creative team includes capeless crusaders with many different backgrounds and skillsets. From design and copywriting to proofreading and production, these Trilixites use their ingenuity to build better brands.

First and foremost on the team comes our creative director, Brent Wirth. Using his 21 years of agency experience, he channels the team’s efforts so that they best help each client. His natural leadership skills and creative expertise make him the ideal man to manage the masses.

Next come the designers. Kerstin Ohnysty, Jenna Marzen, Chad Jewel, Abby Luhrs and Angel Smith are all Cyclone graduates from Iowa State’s renowned graphic design program. Armed with Photoshop, InDesign and often a pen and paper, they navigate the treacherous waters of visual art with assurance and expertise. From giant clients to pint-sized partners, our designers strive to create the perfect look for every brand they lay their hands on.

Naturally, we need someone to create the words that go with their pictures. That’s where our copywriter, Tucker Vasey, comes in. A graduate of Drake University, Tucker is a legendary linguist with an exceedingly large lexicon. Never at a loss for words, he writes and concepts for print, TV, internet, outdoor, radio and more.

And finally, last but never least, is Courtney Kimsey, our production manager and proofreading extraordinaire. Before any work goes anywhere, it must first pass Courtney’s watchful eye. Using her no-nonsense knowhow and mastery of the English language, she guides every project to a successful finish.

Trilix is a fully integrated marketing agency

  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Media Placement
  • Website Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • App Development

We create uncommon results by building brands on a personal level. If you’d like to know more, we’re here. Just ask.

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