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From accounts to creative, the almost 50 professionals at Trilix make it our mission to fuse passion with purpose for our clients. Our philosophy is encompassed by our name — Trilix — a Latin word meaning three intertwined threads. Each of these threads represents one of the core values upon which our company was founded — relationships, strategy and creativity. We believe that it takes all three elements to produce greatness.

Earlier this month, our Interactive Department found out they won two W³ awards from the 2016 show: gold for Templeton Rye’s website in the “consumer goods” category and silver for Stine Seed Company’s website in the “biotechnology” category. Meet the team behind these winning sites and see what makes them unique out of the office.

The Team

Yancy De Lathouder, VP of Technology
Yancy manages the interactive team. He is involved in almost all projects in a strategy/planning capacity, or working as a back-end web and iOS app developer. Yancy is currently working on projects for Stine, Hubbell Realty and CFI Tire, to name a few.

Outside of the office you can find Yancy whipping up a storm in the kitchen or bragging that he has a Professional Disc Golf Association membership number below four digits.

Jeremy Koppin, Senior Interactive Designer
Jeremy has over a decade of web experience, pushing pixels and writing code to help produce award-winning websites for Trilix clients. He helps with all aspects of the process from scope and planning to design and front-end development. Jeremy is currently working on projects for Templeton Rye, Balance GT soybeans and LendTrade, among others.

Think you know all about Jeremy? Think again. Jeremy was a proud owner of a keytar (Google it!) and was a bit of a rocker back in the day!

Derick Hutchins, Back-End Developer
Derick is a back-end developer mainly handling client data, web servers, email and developing tools to allow clients to manage their intranet sites. Although most of his work is behind the screen, he also does a fair amount of design work. Derick is currently working on a project with Dexter Laundry and a few internal projects as well!

In 2016, Derick not only got married, but he also purchased a home because, “planning a wedding wasn’t stressful enough!”

Peter Rinker, Web Developer
Chances are if you have visited the office, you didn’t meet Peter. He is currently the only Trilix employee to work remotely r out of state. Peter creates and maintains data-driven website for clients such as Iowa State Fair and Science Center of Iowa.

Peter is a Star Wars fanatic and maintains that Han shot first.

Dexter Jacobs, Interactive Designer
Dexter is an interactive designer and designs anything from emails to websites, to web ads. He is also capable of coding those websites and emails. Dexter is our local expert on email, and probably spends about thirty percent of his time on email, in addition to his web clients. Dexter designs emails for Insane Impact, Templeton Rye, Dexter Laundry/Dexter Financial and, of course, Trilix.

If you like comics, tune in to his monthly indie comic podcast. Dexter interviews indie comic book creators. More recently, he started co-hosting a weekly Image Comics review podcast.

Tyler Funk, Web Developer
Tyler writes back-end code for client websites, which allows the content to be maintained from an admin interface called an intranet site. When clients require it, Tyler is our resident Drupal guy.

Tyler is working on expanding his understanding of languages and currently knows some Japanese. When he’s not learning other languages, he likes to make video games.

Michael Kang, Senior Interactive Designer
Michael’s day is split between being a web designer and a front-end developer. His job translates into two parts: strategy and development of the look and feel of a site and styling pages using HTML and CSS.

When Michael isn’t at work, he moonlights as a professional gamer. He specializes in Smash Bros., Melee and Project M. He’s widely recognized as one of the top players in the state of Iowa.

From the W³Awards Site:The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs. Simply put, the W³ is the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies. Other 2016 winners include: Miami HEAT app, Patagonia, Goose Island Beer mobile app and

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