Meet Our Interns!

This summer we’ve added four interns to the Trilix crew! Three interns are working on one of our agriculture clients, and the fourth is working directly with our video team to create and edit some visually stunning videos. Want to know more about them? We asked each of them a few “get to know you” questions below, starting with where they grew up and where they go to school.

Sam Fox, marketing & events
Sam grew up in Minburn, Iowa, and will start her senior year at Iowa State in the fall. Sam studies marketing and advertising and is excited to help out this summer.

Ben Larson, marketing & events
Ben grew up in Adel, Iowa, (home of the Sweet Corn Festival) and will start his senior year at Grand View University this fall. This is Ben’s second summer as a Trilix intern, so he must have liked us enough the first time around!

Craig Kimble, marketing & events
Craig is a Johnston, Iowa, native and will be a senior at Simpson College studying marketing and management. We’re excited to have Craig with us this summer!

Chris Timmerman, video
Chris is also a Johnston, Iowa, native currently studying media and journalism at the University of South Dakota. When Chris isn’t shooting video or in class, he’s moonlighting as a photographer (and a great one, at that)!

We asked our interns a few questions so we could see what they are really like. Here’s what they said.

Would you rather have toes for fingers or fingers for toes?

All: Fingers for toes.

If you were stuck in the car for eight hours and could only listen to one song, what would it be?

Sam: Garland by Dirty Heads

Ben: The Rocky theme song

Craig: Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles

Chris: My House by Flo Rida

Do you have any weird, special or unique talents?

Sam: I don’t have any weird or special talents that I can think of, unless flipping my eyelids inside out is a talent. It might just be creepy.

Ben: He wouldn’t divulge any, but we know he plays for the Grand View University basketball team.

Craig: I can wiggle my ears. Does that count?

Chris: My special talent is forgetting someone’s name immediately after meeting them.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

Sam: I don’t want to ever live in a world without unsweetened black tea. Honestly, it’s the greatest thing on earth.

Ben: Mexican food! Me gusta burritos!

Craig: Bose noise-cancelling headphones. The quality is so much better!

Chris: My cameras! I couldn’t live without them.

So there you have it. Our interns like Mexican food, can’t live without an essential part of their job, have pretty different tastes in music and would all rather have fingers for toes than toes for fingers. Help us welcome our 2016 summer interns to the Trilix family!

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