How to Find and Benefit from Social Media Influencers

The word “influencer” gets thrown around a lot in the marketing world. We all seem to have a good grasp of what an influencer can do for our brands, but we could do better finding these influencers.

According to this Forbes article, 92 percent of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source. And we know this to be true. Think of your own habits. While in the search stage of the buying process, most consumers ask friends for their recommendations and opinions, take to the web for research or read customer reviews (or all of three). Sure, product advertisements help start the process, but influencer marketing brings in two times the sales as paid advertising. Not a bad addition to the content marketing you are (or should be) doing.

Use the tools you have at your disposal to find influencers. We use Nuvi, a real-time social intelligence platform. Don’t have a platform like Nuvi? See which of your followers are most engaged on social media platforms and see what they post about regularly. Have you created a campaign hashtag? Note who engages with the campaign. A good influencer is someone who already posts about your brand without being asked (or paid) to do so. Genuine fans of your product are seen as credible, and their followers will respond accordingly.

It is important to note the influence of your influencer. While you don’t need to find people who have hundreds of thousands of followers, make sure your influencer fits with your brand, has engagement with their followers and is a good representation for consumers to equate with your brand. If you are looking for a social influencer in the top two percent of social media users, be ready to hand over some bills. AdWeek recently reported that social media icons like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift could ask $230,000 per post.

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