From the Big Apple to the Big Moines

Khushbu Jamnadas, Trilix’s newest Communications Specialist, hails from the land of Bruce Springsteen, The Fugees and Tony Soprano. A native of New Jersey, Khushbu also spent time in New York City and Orlando, Florida. So how did this Garden State local and lifelong denizen of the East Coast end up in Des Moines, Iowa? Keep reading to learn more about the latest addition to our communications team!

After attending Montclair State University in New Jersey (Go Red Hawks!), Khushbu earned a master’s degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at New York University (Go Violets!). While studying at NYU, she interned at UN Women in the Internal Communications Department. Khushbu’s journey from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest was spurred by her husband, a physician, taking a position at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.

As Khushbu surveyed the job market in her new home, she found a natural fit at Trilix. “I knew I wanted to launch my career at an agency where I could work with multiple clients in various niches,” she explained. “I get to learn new things about particular industries and expand my knowledge. From my research of Trilix, I knew the company culture reflects a ‘work hard, play hard’ motto. I believe to produce great work, we need a good balance of things in our lives. I also knew I wanted to pursue a career that encourages me to use my creativity and business skills, and I’ve found that in this field.” Khushbu hopes to make an impact for clients through the knowledge gained in her graduate program and her extensive internship experience managing communications for nonprofit organizations.

Though she’s a highly skilled professional, Khushbu isn’t all business all the time. She enjoys dining at Kathmandu, where the mild vegetable curry is her go-to order. She loves to cook and bake in her free time, as well as spend time with family, friends and her adorable 4-month-old teddy bear puppy, Chappie. Recently, Khushbu has enjoyed unwinding with thought-provoking TV dramas like “Black Mirror” or “The Sopranos.” But she enjoys the lighter side of entertainment, too. Her karaoke song choice is the immortal “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. Other favorites include pizza, warm chocolate lava cake and getaways to India. Make sure to give Khushbu a warm, “Iowa nice” greeting the next time you spot her around the office!

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