For Project Managers, Communication is Key

On the top floor of our new building, within earshot of administrative and arm's reach of account executives, sits our project management team. This cluster of desks and like-minded personalities is the hub of everything that happens at Trilix.

Trilix project managers have two goals for every job they oversee: it must be on time, and it must be on budget. Failure to do either impairs trust not only with coworkers but also with the client — a level of trust that our account executives work tirelessly to build each day. Simply put, dedicated project managers have their fingers on the pulse of the agency and its projects at all times. If they're doing their jobs right, creatives will have ample time to create, interactives will have ample time to design and develop and executives will have ample time to strategize.

From job open to job close, communication is key for project managers, arguably more so than any other position inside our walls. At any given time, project managers can have their feet in a number of different camps, most of them internal. Delegating, tracking resources, translating job requirements, conducting meetings, controlling strategy changes and monitoring proper execution are all everyday duties that require seamless communication with both coworkers and clients.

When communication is effective, people feel empowered and supported. Further, it brings our clients peace of mind that all of their needs are being met — on time and on budget.

With the cleanest work spaces, tightest schedules, fullest inboxes and most ragged keyboards in the building, Trilix couldn't function without its project managers.

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