Fit-Mittee Cultivates Healthy Environment

At Trilix, we firmly believe that healthy means happy. That’s why we formed the Fit-Mittee this past summer with the goal of maintaining a healthier work environment.

The Fit-Mittee is a group of four Trilix employees — Annette, Paul, Lindsey and Travis — who meet every other week, working hard to implement contests and programs that improve Trilix employees’ overall health and wellness. 

Some of the things the Fit-Mittee has implemented so far include reimbursing employees for gym memberships, stocking the kitchen with healthy snack options and providing fruit-infused water options three times a week. This month, they started a water challenge among employees to see which team can drink the most water during the day. To help calculate, the Fit-Mittee gave everyone a 20-ounce Trilix-branded water bottle. Every 20 ounces drank equals one point for the team, and winners will be awarded prizes at the end of the quarter.

Fit-Mittee plans for the future include more contests, inviting health experts to the office to offer tips and pointers on diet, stress relief and healthy living in general, as well as starting a weekly walk with employees once spring arrives.

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