Fall Food Day Feast and Costume Party a Success

This year, Trilix combined our annual Fall Food Fest with a Halloween costume party! Yummy homemade goodies and creative costumes filled the common area as the Trilix team came together to celebrate autumn. Our array of delectable culinary options included Ron's famous grilled cheese sandwiches, Yancy's piping hot wassail and Kristin’s hearty mac and cheese.

Once the food was eaten and festivities finished, everyone cast their vote for the most creative and best executed outfit of the day. When the final votes were tallied, Dexter’s Daft Punk costume reigned supreme with Han’s Han Solo and Ashley’s Wizard of Oz Dorothy finishing second and third respectively. Which costume was your favorite?

Brent – Mr. Emoji
Yancy – 80s Rocker Dude
Carole –The Wicked Witch
Jamie – Nurse
Annette – Munchkin
Alex – Tin Man
Ashley – Dorothy
Jason – Scarecrow
Austin – Cowardly Lion
Abby – Buddy the Elf
Lindsey – Skeleton
Courtney – Ashley Danielson
Alyssa – Kate Middleton
Abby – Cat
Tucker – Retro Basketball player
Angel – Juno
Lathrop – Sheldon from Big Bang Theory
Han – Han Solo
Paul – Big Mac
Jenna – Minnie Mouse

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