Employee Wall Art Brings New Life to 615 3rd St.

If you've been to the Trilix office in the last month, you may have noticed some bright new additions. No, we’re not talking about our employees (but we do have bright people!). We're talking about new art. If you’ve ever looked in each employee’s office, you would have noticed that each space has its own quirks. We have bowling shoes, Chicago Cubs memorabilia, school pride and pictures of family and friends. But something that was missing in our office was art in common spaces. Not anymore!

We tapped into our employees’ creative minds and have added bright new, interesting pieces to cover our blank walls. From our conference room right off the lobby, you’ll see an aerial view of Downtown Des Moines created by Brent, VP of creative. Look close enough and you will see a green dot marking Trilix’s location. Take a look at our magnifying window and you’ll see an intricate geometric design that graphic designer Kerstin created.

“There’s nothing more cliché then using a well-renowned artist’s quote to give your art some kind of value or meaning or explain what you can’t,” said Kerstin. “But I’m going to do it anyway. Monet once said, ‘Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment.’ I couldn’t agree more. The white walls of Trilix needed some serious love and attention. I knew I had to create something crazy, huge and with an obscene amount of color. Luckily the creative department agreed. I started piecing together various triangles all shapes, sizes, color and variants. It became so random and chaotic, that I needed another set of eyes. After many meetings with my department, we figured out what it was really missing. A flow, a direction and gradual movement that would really make the wall come alive. By rearranging colors together and constructing a gradation of lights and darks, the mountain finally began to move. It came alive on the wall and had energy to it that I suspected was missing. Having the opportunity to bring color and life to a space, and a large one at that, is pretty awesome — especially in a place where you spend so much time! Trilix is full of different personalities and perspectives. Encouraging us to embrace and share that (even through wall art) is something exceptional.”

So next time you stop in the office, take a look around not only our individual work space style, but also the new art in the common areas.

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