• Improve Everything You Write With These Eight Tips

    Improve Everything You Write With These Eight Tips

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    Today marks Trilix crackerjack Content Editor Courtney Kimsey’s third anniversary with the agency. Though the time has passed quickly, we can hardly imagine just how much copy has passed through Courtney’s capable hands and trusting editing pen as she has searched for ways to improve every piece she touched.

    In honor of Courtney’s special milestone, we’re sharing some of her simple but surefire tips and reminders to improve everything you write.

  • Back-to-back birthdays call for a celebration!

    Back-to-back birthdays call for a celebration!

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    The sport of bowling is synonymous with cheap beer and good laughs, so what better way to let loose on a Thursday afternoon?

    This week, Trilix owners Todd Senne and Ron Maahs both reluctantly turn a year older. To help them celebrate, the Funmittee threw a bowling bash for the duo yesterday at Plaza Lanes.

  • Buzzer Beater Fever

    Buzzer Beater Fever

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    Nailbiting, frantic pacing back and forth, random outbursts, nervous foot tapping. Yep — Trilix employees have officially caught March Madness Buzzer Beater Fever.

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