• Dog Days of Summer

    Dog Days of Summer

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    A remarkably diverse and talented group has trotted through our doors this summer. We’ve hosted Henry, Goose, Toby, Nelson, Louie, Bodhi, Penny, Wheatley, Colby, Jax, Arthur and, well, another Jax, and only once did one of them have an accident on the office carpet. No, we’re not naming Trilix’s fabulous (and thoroughly housebroken) employees. We’re talking about the summer-long parade of heckin’ good doggos and puppers who graced our office with their enthusiasm, barks and polite but insistent demands for pets. Once again, Trilix opened the office to the Dog Days of Summer, a weekly opportunity for team members to bring a furry friend to work. Now, with Dog Days of Summer drawing to a close, it’s time to look back on this totally pawesome work perk.

  • Trilix Heads to Salt Lake City for Annual IAFP Meeting

    Trilix Heads to Salt Lake City for Annual IAFP Meeting

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    Long-time Trilix client International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) recently held its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thousands of food safety professionals from around the world attended to exchange information on protecting the global food supply.

  • Cyber Monday Emails: Are They Working?

    Cyber Monday Emails: Are They Working?

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    Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are days that U.S. shoppers in the obsess about for the entire month of November. Whether you’re looking for a 4K flat-screen television, the perfect gift from your hometown boutique or the greatest deals of the year from e-commerce sites like Amazon, there’s a deal for you.

  • Meet the Fun Police

    Meet the Fun Police

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    At Trilix, we don’t fit the typical mold. We want to ensure that our office takes time for fun regardless of how busy everyone is, so in the fall of 2013, we created the Fun-Mittee.

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