Beyond the Bird: Our Thanksgiving Favorites

Family. Turkey. Football. Pies. When it comes to Thanksgiving, we all have our favorite ways to celebrate. This year, we asked the Trilix team what they enjoy most about the festivities.

Travis — Green Bean Casserole
Megan — Playing board games with family after Thanksgiving dinner
Angel — Leftover turkey sandwiches
Kristin — Watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles the night before Thanksgiving
Lindsey — Wine
Robin — My aunt’s famous apple pie that has a turkey outline carved on top
Han — Slices of oven-heated prime rib
Abby B. — Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the kids
Alyssa — Cheesy hash brown potatoes
Jason — Playing a Turkey Bowl game with friends the day after Thanksgiving
Janelle — Mashed potatoes
Jenna — Going Christmas shopping afterwards
Paul — Homemade dressing with pork sausage and apples
Courtney — Extra days off work to spend time with the family
Kerstin — Football
Carole — Fresh cranberry sauce and cranberry chutney
Ashley — Getting together with hometown friends the night before Thanksgiving
Dexter — Market Day Iowa Black Friday Craft Show (
Austin — Pumpkin pie
Tucker — Backrub train with my family after chowing down (we hope he’s kidding)

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