A Sweet Day for A Cook-Off

The smell of comfort food filled the Trilix offices during our annual Valentine’s Day Soup and Chili Cook-Off. This year we had one of the toughest competitions yet, with eight delicious selections for employees to test.

Flavors included:

Creamy Chicken Fajita courtesy of Designer Jenna Marzen
Homemade Chicken Noodle
courtesy of Interactive Designer Dexter Jacobs
Loaded Baked Potato
courtesy of Communications Manager Abby Bottenfield
Pittsburg Wedding
courtesy of Interactive Designer Jamie Stokka
Sausage Lentil
courtesy of Content Editor Courtney Kimsey
courtesy of Web Developer Han Phan
Bubble’s Beet Borscht
courtesy of Senior Account Manager Abe Goldstien
Winner, Winner, Chili Dinner
courtesy of Senior Interactive Designer Jeremy Koppin

Employees tested each soup/chili and voted on their top two flavors. The final decision was close. So close that there was a tie between the Loaded Baked Potato and Winner, Winner, Chili Dinner, creating quite the “stir”. So, we held a sudden death match and asked employees to vote for one of the two. In the end, our ultimate winner of the 2015 Trilix Soup and Chili Cook-Off was Abby and her Loaded Baked Potato Soup. We know she’ll enjoy the legendary red soup bowl award.

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