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  • Trilix is Hiring a Back-End Web Developer

    Trilix is Hiring a Back-End Web Developer

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    Trilix is looking for a back-end web developer with at least three years of development experience. The position requires both building new sites and maintaining current ones using our custom CMS. Qualified applicants should send their cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Annette Halbur at ahalbur@trilixgroup.com.

  • Fire Hydrants Need Marketing, Too

    Fire Hydrants Need Marketing, Too

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    If you’ve ever visited the Trilix office, you’ve probably seen the random fire hydrants occupying certain corners of the building. There’s a backstory there: They’re from one of our long-standing clients, McWane, Inc. An industry giant, McWane manufactures the pipe, valves, hydrants and fittings that make up North America’s water infrastructure. And just like anything else, fire hydrants need marketing, too. Learn more about our partnership with McWane in our latest journal post.

  • Celebrating Ten Years at Trilix for an Employee You’ve Probably Never Met

    Celebrating Ten Years at Trilix for an Employee You’ve Probably Never Met

    Posted In: News

    There's an employee at Trilix you've probably never met. Peter Rincker is the agency’s lead web developer, and he works nearly 2,000 miles away from the office. He left Iowa for Oregon with his wife six years ago, but he’s so valuable to the Trilix team that we didn’t let him off the payroll. Working remotely from the West Coast, Peter is celebrating his tenth year at Trilix this week. So, we decided to ask him a few questions (and received a few, more creative “alternative” questions and answers in return). Get to know more about Peter (Petey as we call him) here.

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