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  • Success by Design

    Success by Design

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    Trilix’s designers are the creative visionaries behind a myriad of unique brands across the country. Their work can be seen on billboards, digital ads, magazines and more. From initial inspiration to final layout, we asked several of our designers to talk to us about the four basic principles of design. This is what they had to say.

  • Balance GT Website

    Balance GT Website

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    When a product isn’t scheduled to launch until mid-decade, creating a website that attracts potential customers and intrigues them enough to continue exploring can be a challenge.

  • Brand Reach Continues Reaching

    Brand Reach Continues Reaching

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    “Your brand is more than a logo and a tagline.” Brand developers have been repeating this statement since advertising emerged in the 1950s. Today we know that a consumer’s interaction is no longer limited to billboards and televisions spots, and of course, we all know the Internet changed the reach and frequency of advertising. But some professionals still seem to ignore the fact that the rise of social media has exponentially expanded advertising’s reach.

  • Sweetheart Soup-Off

    Sweetheart Soup-Off

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    Love is in the air today at Trilix, along with the tantalizing aroma of homemade soup. The team gathered for a “Sweetheart Soup-off” and Valentine’s Day card exchange, which took us waaaay back to our elementary school days of decorated shoe boxes and sugar-loaded treats. The soups were all grown up, though, with selections like Cashew Cream of Celery, Tom Yum Spicy 11, Cherry Chocolate Dessert Soup, Bacon Beer Cheese and the winner, by web designer and sometimes chef Jamie Stokka, Tomato Basil Parmesan Bisque.


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