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  • Trilix Supports a Healthy Lifestyle Through FitMittee

    Trilix Supports a Healthy Lifestyle Through FitMittee

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    What is a great way to keep employees engaged and performing their best work? Encouraging a healthy lifestyle, of course! Trilix promotes health and fitness through one of our three committees, the “FitMittee,” to ensure our employees come to work with a positive attitude, energy and motivation to get them through the day.

  • Trilix Celebrates its Founding Fathers with Fun and Games

    Trilix Celebrates its Founding Fathers with Fun and Games

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    It’s all fun and games until someone surpasses 50 years old. Or is it? The Trilix team likes to think our founders, Todd Senne and Ron Maahs, are kids at heart. To celebrate their 51st and 52nd birthdays, respectively, we partied at Ricochet in the East Village for all the fun and games a kid-at-heart could soak in.

  • The Rebirth of eFuneral

    The Rebirth of eFuneral

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    Recently, Trilix had the pleasure of helping rebrand and relaunch eFuneral, an online funeral planning and purchasing service. We collaborated with eFuneral to launch the web’s liveliest funeral services site by developing their entire brand, from visual identity to voice, social platforms, digital ads and website. Read more about eFuneral and how Trilix helped establish their brand.

  • Recapping the Bracket Racket Madness

    Recapping the Bracket Racket Madness

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    Every March begins with the hope of crafting the perfect bracket — carefully selecting each winner and trying to predict the inevitable upsets. But as March left, our dreams of perfect brackets were washed down the drain like every year. But madness and shocking upsets aside, one of our contestants out-picked the rest of us to be crowned this year’s Trilix Bracket Racket champion. Help us congratulate our winner, Katie Peterson! Read more about the tournament and Bracket Racket’s outcome.

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