2018 Trilix Super Poll Results Are In

The Philadelphia Eagles completed their underdog playoff run with a thrilling victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Advertisers made sure there was plenty of entertainment off the gridiron during the game broadcast, airing an array of exciting, funny and sentimental ads. As usual, we took to Twitter to break down the advertising action and poll our followers under the hashtag #TrilixSuperPoll.

  • Before the game, we asked our followers their primary reason for watching the Super Bowl. It was a close contest, with 39 percent saying they watch for the football and 30 percent saying they watch for the commercials. The rest of the respondents enjoy both aspects equally or skip the game entirely.
  • Super Bowl ratings are always a hot topic in the advertising world, so we asked our followers to predict if the 2018 Super Bowl ratings would be better, worse or about the same as 2017. Our followers correctly predicted that ratings would be lower than 2017, with 65 percent responding that way compared to just 12 percent predicting higher ratings and 24 percent guessing they’d be about the same. The 65 percent nailed it: Super Bowl ratings were down seven percent from last year.
  • Star Wars franchise fans were treated to a look at “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” While some fans were irked that the ad was actually a teaser for an official trailer, the preview-of-a-preview concept did not turn off Trilix followers, with 73 percent reporting the ad worked for them.
  • Our followers are ready for “Dilly dilly!” to go bye-bye. The ubiquitous Bud Light campaign’s Super Bowl edition featuring the #BudKnight elicited a 70 percent negative response from our followers. All the same, the #DillyDilly hashtag was the night’s fourth most tweeted.
  • Ram Trucks drew controversy from their ad featuring a sermon by Martin Luther King, Jr. Our followers thought the ad missed the mark, with 67 percent saying it was in poor taste compared to just 33 percent who found it inspiring.
  • Amazon’s “Alexa Lost Her Voice” ad was one of the night’s biggest hits, winning the USA TodayAd Meter vote as viewers’ favorite ad. Eighty-one percent of our followers enjoyed the humorous, star-studded spot.

That’s how our followers saw the big game’s big ads. According to Salesforce, the following brands were the night’s most mentioned on social media worldwide:

  1. Avocados From Mexico (137,073 mentions)
  2. Pepsi (38,246 mentions)
  3. Doritos (26,887 mentions)
  4. Bud Light (20,667 mentioned)
  5. Kraft (9,890 mentioned)

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