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  • Around the World in 365 Days

    Around the World in 365 Days

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    In June of 2017, Trilix Video Producer and Editor Rachel Yancey landed in Split, Croatia, the first stop on her year-long globetrotting adventure. Rachel, along with 50 other like-minded professionals, were part of Remote Year and spent the next 365 days exploring four continents while still honing their professional skills in their respective fields. While traveling, Rachel created videos for Trilix clients in addition to working on her own projects.

  • Five Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

    Five Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

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    Implementing social media into your business plan is essential to growing a strong online presence, and as more businesses adopt this digital strategy, you need to find ways to stand out on each social platform. Trilix’s Digital Communications Manager Megan Stelter shares five tips to help increase brand presence.

  • Trilix Celebrates Creative Director Paul Burger’s 20 years at Trilix

    Trilix Celebrates Creative Director Paul Burger’s 20 years at Trilix

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    Twenty years ago, while much of the world was saying their goodbyes to the popular television series Seinfeld or relishing in the excitement around Furbys and the creation of the iMac, Trilix welcomed one of its now tenured creative designers on board, Paul Burger. This year, Trilix celebrates Paul and his 20 years of service to the agency and the marketing industry. Paul’s journey at Trilix has evolved over the past two decades, and his story is worth sharing.

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